Welcome to Rotary Central School

Rotary Central School is the dream project under the aegis of Rotary Education Society ® which has the experience of running the first recognized English medium school in the vicinity from past thirty four years, with a strength of more than two thousand students in the current year. It has the fame of getting various ranks and continuous 100% results in S.S.L.C. Feeding more than two thousand students every day with sumptuous mid-day meal comprising of boiled and white rice is the noblest act that is praised by the public. Being the back-bone of the institution, Rtn K. Amarnath Shetty, the founder and present President of the Society breathes only the well being of the institution.

The Central school has a strength of 479 students. We believe that the quality of a school is determined by the quality of the teachers. We have a group of well qualified, experienced teachers, who leave no stones unturned in the fulfillment of their duties with the brilliant and able administration of Rtn Vincent D’Costa, the Principal of the institution.Regarding school curriculum, continuous, comprehensive evaluation system is implemented. Child centered and activity based teaching, learning experience is provided, keeping in mind the priority of enriching the great old culture and heritage of our motherland.


  • We recognize, award and honour all students who excel in extra/co-curricular activities.

     We have a very active Teacher Association, which supports and involves in all the welfare activities of the students. Parents are requested to interact with the Principal and the staff regarding the progress of their wards


  • Identification and development of the latent talents and creativity of the students. 
  • Inculcation of values indispensable for creation of an enlightened and humane society
  • Quality education with greater emphasis on personality development and character building
  • Helping the learners to persevere, co-operate and become self confident as well as trust-worthy members of society.


The School aims at forming totally integrated persons with

 i) Genuine human and spiritual values.

 ii)A genuine concern for the welfare of others.

 iii)A commitment to truth and justice.

 iv)To strive for academic excellence.

 1.    To face life today, text-book knowledge alone is insufficient. Hence the school provides a large library and a reading room. You are expected to make the best use of these by personal work, study and reflection.

 2.    The School has extensive playgrounds for different games, are invited to acquire some skill at least in one of the games.

 3.    A truly educated person should reveal all the human values. we have been giving great importance to moral and spiritual education. Hence you are expected not to treat moral science as one of the many subjects but one which will help to build your total personality.

 4.    Initiative and leadership comes only when you broaden the horizon ofyour vision and the many co-curricular activities that we provide through the various clubs will help you to become a leader, creative and independent thinker.

 5.    The Indian ethos lays great stress on respect and reverence to teachers who are instrumental in moulding your personality. Due respect for all teachers present and past who have helped you in this process is our duty.