Admission is open for two years course of Pre-Primary Education (Nursery .Section), 7 years course of Primary Education and 3 years course of High School Education.

          The nursery section is a two years course with L.K.G. and U.K.G. Classes.

          First year is spent in correct habit formation, manners, oral training in nursery rhymes and picture talk.

          During the second year the idea of formation of numbers and simple knowledge of the alphabets, notation and numeration are taught.

          The aim of kindergarten course is to equip the pupil to be ready for formal education.

          No Child will be admitted to U.K.G. without the completion of L.K.G. course.

          Only those who have completed 3.6 years are eligible for admission to L.K.G. minimum age for admission to I std. is 5.6 years.

          Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the office and should be submitted along with the transfer certificate from the school last attended. Every pupil on admission shall pay the prescribed fees.

          Pupils coming from schools outside the District will be admitted on production of transfer certificates duly countersigned by the B.E.O. in charge of the institutions in strict conformity with the table of parity equivalence of standards issued by the department.

          The application for admission must be signed by the father or mother or in their absence by the guardian who has been authorized to sign.

          In the case of admission of pupils coming from Primary Schools the date of birth furnished in the Transfer Certificate will be taken as correct, in the case of pupils to be newly admitted the correct date of birth should be furnished and necessary documentary evidence be produced if necessary.

          Admissions are made by the admission committee after the personal interview and entrance exam.

          The candidates who do not appear for the interview on the specified date and time will not be considered for admission.

          The Candidates who are selected after the interview should pay the fees immediately.

          The candidate’s who leave the school after admission will forfeit all the charges paid by them. They cannot be refundable.

          Monthly fees should be paid by 10th of every month failing which a penalty of 50 paise per-day will be levied till the end of the month and thereafter names will be removed from rolls. The child will be re-admitted after the payments of arrears and admission fees.

          General rules and regulations of the school are printed in the dairy and the parents should go through the same at the time of admission.



          The students should be present in the school premises on time when the school commences

          Half day will not be allowed unless an emergency or medical problem. The child will be allowed to go home with the parents only

          If a  student remains absent from the school he/she should carry a note from the parent indicating the reason for the absence the next day when he/she attends the school  .In case of absence due to illness a medical certificate along with the application should be sent

          It is advisable not to send the children suffering from an infectious diseases to school .A doctor fitness certificate should be send with him/her when he/she rejoins the school after the illness

          A student who has been absent from the school or late for the than three days will be admitted to class only with Principals’ permission



          All students should be in the school premises in time

          The parents are requested to leave the students at the entrance on the school\

          When students move along the corridor they are expected to walk in single line keeping on the left.

          Running or shouting inside the school building is not allowed

          Personal hygiene and cleanness are expected of all students.